Artist Statement

It took me years to feel comfortable calling myself an artist. I felt like I needed a degree to be legitimate. So I got one. I felt like I had to sell my art. So I sold some. But now I am comfortable just being who I am.

I am a creative person. That means I paint, I draw, I design things. I always feel my best when I am creating something and sharing it with others.

While I have worked in many mediums, I still find watercolor the most intriguing. I paint both plein air and in my studio. Both have their unique challenges and rewards. Plein air is raw and in the moment, influenced by the outdoor elements. Studio time offers the opportunity to play with the distinctive qualities of watercolor.

I mostly paint landscapes. Living in Maine, I am often rewarded with spectacular visions of nature, light and shadow. They become my watercolor challenges. Painting these scenes offers me a way to stop and focus on what's beautiful in the world.